Interested in getting a quote? Here are a few things you should know.

We are glad to answer any questions you might have over the phone but if you want us to drive to your home, do a preliminary system design and prepare a quote we charge a consultation fee (which is deducted from the cost of any system you may hire us to install)
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Please familiarize yourself with basic greywater system types - there is a wide variety of different systems and costs. More info HERE

In order to hook a bathtub or shower to greywater we will need access to the waste pipes below the bathroom. Second story bathrooms can be difficult, and bathrooms on a concrete slab foundation are impossible without extensive renovation. But the good news is, it's almost always possible to convert washing machines to grewyater.

Interested in using greywater on your
lawn? Greywater is not well-suited for irrigation of grass. Our advice would be to replace your lawn with natives and drought-tolerant plants which require no imported water, and to use greywater on fruit trees, shade trees, ornamentals and vegetables. We can recommend some excellent landscape designers to help with this.

Please kill your lawn. We can help!
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