Greywater: the easiest, most affordable way to save your septic tank

If your house is on a septic tank, a greywater system is your best friend. Greywater is water from bathtubs, showers and laundry that can be recycled for other purposes. It typically accounts for 50-80% of the water a household puts down the drain.

A greywater system diverts this water from showers, tubs and washing machines to your garden. Depending on how many fixtures you incorporate, this can reduce the load on your septic tank by up to 50-80%. Just like that you can avoid problems such as dreaded tank overflows, and reduce the cost and frequency of maintenance. Often, a greywater system will save a failing septic tank for a tiny fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Septic Tank Saver water use
You can hook up any fixture in your home to a greywater system except for toilets, dishwashers and kitchen sinks.

On average, a California household’s indoor water use is 5100 gallons per month. A greywater system could send up to 4000 of those gallons to you plants instead of your septic tank. Give your septic system a break with greywater!

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The Greywater Corps Guarantee

We stand by all of our installations by offering repair and maintenance services at any time. We aim to build relationships that last as long as our systems do!

Furthermore, we guarantee to meet the highest standards of work both outside and inside of your home. We are licensed contractors and architects with nearly a decade of experience building these systems. When we are done, everything will look the same except for your water bill. Our greywater systems are practically invisible except for the results: a thriving, beautiful, sustainable oasis!