We are located in the Glassell Park neighborhood of  Los Angeles. Our office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday.

Reach us at:
We start every project with a site visit. These consultations have a standard price of $120 + mileage, which is applicable towards the cost of any system you may install.

Here are some standard questions we ask to determine a home’s viability for greywater or rainwater.

-What type of system are you looking for / what fixtures are you hoping to hook up?
-Is your home built on a crawlspace, or a concrete slab?
-What does your existing landscape look like / what are you hoping to irrigate in your lawn?
-Does your landscape go up- or down-slope from your house?
-How many people live in your house, and how many stories does it have?

Please either give us a call or email to discuss further!