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Greywater is gently-used water from bathtubs, showers and laundry that can be recaptured and used to water your garden. It typically accounts for 50-80% of a household’s waste stream. Plants love it, and it is perfectly legal in the state of California!

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One inch of rainfall on a 1,000 sq foot roof adds up to 600 gallons! With average rainfalls of 15″ in LA, rainwater harvesting can be a sustainable way to store water for native plants, emergency use, and more.

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Other Services

Greywater Corps is proud to offer custom design services, system consultations, permitting options, and creative water-saving solutions.

Forget the baby - don't throw out the bathwater.

Recycling greywater for landscape irrigation saves water and money, reduces your energy footprint, preserves remote aquatic ecosystems, reduces loads on sewer and septic systems, and replenishes local aquifers.

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